How Do We Buy Houses?

There are just four simple steps in our home buying process.

Step 1Provide us some information about your property.

Step 2We can set up an appointment to view your house.

Step 3You’ll receive  a no-obligation offer for your property.

Step 4If you decide to move forward the sale takes place  at a local title company on your timeline. 

Yes, you read that right. Once we know about the home you want to sell, we can make you a fair offer for all-cash with-in 24 hours. Closing can be at any time you choose, but if you want it to happen in as early as 7 days, then that is what you get!

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Simplify the Sale of Your House

We have been buying houses across Ohio for a long time. As a dedicated home buyer, we do not list houses. We offer nothing but cash for your property, which simplifies the selling process and speeds everything up. We work around your schedule to offer you the convenience you need in this time, and seeing as you do not have to deal with banks or financing, you can walk away with cash in your hand within seven days.

We will not ask you to clean or repair your property; just leave it to us. It does not matter what your house looks like, or where in Ohio it is, we just want to buy it.

Call us at (937) 519-2922 to tell us about your Ohio property today.

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